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Allis Chalmers

Allis Chalmers B125, B116 Gas Parts
116 CI (BE) 3.250" bore, 125 CI (CE, CR, R) 3.375" bore, verify that lower block seal land Is 3.718" ID on Early engines
Allis Chalmers G138 Gas Engine Parts
138 CI 3.375" bore, 149 CI 3.500" bore, clamp type connecting rods
Allis Chalmers 433T, 433I Diesel Engine Parts
Turbocharged, intercooled, slotted mains, piston cooled
Allis Chalmers 670T, 670I, 670H Diesel Engine Parts
1.750" piston pin diameter, Roosa Master or Ambac 100 injection pump
Allis Chalmers D3400, D3500 Diesel Engine Parts
1.500" piston pin diameter
Allis Chalmers D3500, D3700, D3750 Diesel Parts
1.500" piston pin diameter, Roosa Master or Simms injection pump

Allis Chalmers entered the farm equipment industry in 1914, having been a manufacturer of parts since the early 1840s. After having entered into the farm equipment industry, Allis Chalmers became the company to keep an eye out for. Innovative and driven, Allis Chalmers quickly became known as being one of the largest and most diverse manufacturers in North America. 

In 1985, Allis Chalmers was forced to sell the farm equipment devision of the brand. Not shortly after, in 1988, the remaining manufacturing parts of the company were sold. Even so, Allis Chalmers maintained a local office in Milwaukee up through January of 1999. 

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