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Allis Chalmers Piston Ring Set, 474062157

Allis Chalmers Piston Ring Set, 474062157

MSRP: $53.85
You Save: $10.77 (20 %)
Part Number: 215375
Brand: Reliance
Manufacturer Part No: 474062157
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
3-3/32, 1-3/16, 3.875" bore, 1 cyl set

708D Forklift, 6080 Tractor, 6070 Tractor, 880 Cotton Stripper, 6060 Tractor, 705D Forklift, 706D Forklift, F3 Combine, 710C Wheel Tractor, 714C Wheel Tractor, 715C Wheel Tractor, 766 Forklift, K2 Combine, F2 Combine, 2010 Tractor, HB165D Power Unit, HA165D Power Unit, 40 Combine, 2010 Crawler, 45 Combine, Gas, 95H Combine, JD248D Power Unit, 55 Combine, 95 Combine, Diesel, JD248G Power Unit, 105 Combine, 860 Cotton Stripper, 180 Tractor, G Combine, 185 Tractor, 190 Tractor, 190XT Tractor, 345B Wheel Loader, F Combine, 840B Wheel Loader, 918 Backhoe Loader, 545H Wheel Loader, 940 Wheel Loader, MH Combine, L Combine, M Combine, 200 Tractor, 7000 Tractor, 545 Wheel Loader, JD165G Power Unit, 111 Combine, Diesel, Diesel, 1800B Tractor, 1800C Tractor, 1650 Tractor, 1650 Tractor, 1800C Tractor, 1750 Tractor, 1800B Tractor, Gas LPG, 1800A Tractor, 1800A Tractor, L2 Combine, M2 Combine, MH2 Combine, 8010 Tractor, L3 Combine, MH3 Combine, 605B Wheel Loader, M3 Combine, 7010 Tractor, 7020 Tractor, 545B Wheel Loader, H4 Crawler, Gas LPG, 2-78 Tractor, 1655 Tractor, G750 Tractor, 1655 Tractor, 1600 Tractor, 1600 Tractor, 4-78 Tractor, 2-70 Tractor, I-600 Wheel Tractor, Buckmaster Forklift, 500 Forklift, 655 Crawler, 653 Crawler, 652 Crawler, 615 Wheel Tractor, 650 Crawler, HD4 Crawler

OEM Reference #: 4062157, 156408AS, AT14706, 74062157, 106571AS, 4062157, 156408AS, 106571AS