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Case Thermostat, A57641

Case Thermostat, A57641

MSRP: $49.56
You Save: $8.26 (17 %)
Part Number: 215864
Brand: Reliance
Manufacturer Part No: 5A57641
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
180 degree

Fits 2670 Tractor, 4694 Tractor, 4690 Tractor, W36 Wheel Loader, 475 Cable Layer, W14H Wheel Loader, W14FL Wheel Loader, W14 Wheel Loader, 680E Backhoe Loader, 680H Backhoe Loader, 855C Crawler, 850C Crawler, 850B Crawler, 680G Backhoe Loader, 300C Log Skidder, 780CK Backhoe Loader, 35B Excavator, 870 Tractor, 600 Log Skidder, 400C Log Skidder, 880 Excavator, 780B Backhoe Loader, 800 Log Skidder, 825 Log Skidder, 880B Excavator, 1835B Skid Loader, DH5 Trencher, 530 CK Wheel Tractor, 1835 Skid Loader, 1255 Windrower, 580CK Wheel Tractor, 1150 Windrower, 480D Wheel Tractor, 1740 Skid Loader, 480B Wheel Tractor, 480C Wheel Tractor, 500 LK Wheel Loader, 530 Tractor, 430CK Wheel Tractor, 480LL Wheel Tractor, 584D Forklift, 1845 Skid Loader, 585D Forklift, 470 Tractor, 586D Forklift, 600 Combine, 450 Crawler, 430 Tractor, 580B Wheel Tractor, 660 Combine, 350B Crawler, 310G Crawler, 1845S Skid Loader, 350 Crawler, W5A Wheel Loader, 570 Tractor, 480CK Wheel Tractor, 1845B Skid Loader, W24B Wheel Loader, W24C Wheel Loader, W18B Wheel Loader, W20C Wheel Loader, 2090 Tractor, 880C Excavator, 1150D Crawler, 1155D Crawler, 2094 Tractor, 504D Power Unit, W24 Wheel Loader, 1150 Crawler, 970 Tractor, W20B Wheel Loader, W20 Wheel Loader, W8E Wheel Loader, W10E Wheel Loader, W18 Wheel Loader, W9E Wheel Loader, 630 Tractor, 310F Crawler, 420C Crawler, 310E Crawler, W3 Wheel Loader, 1030 Tractor, 930 Tractor, Gas LPG, 2594 Tractor, 40D Excavator, 40E Excavator, W30 Wheel Loader, 4494 Tractor, 4490 Tractor, 1080 Excavator, 1080B Excavator, 2590 Tractor, 1280B Excavator, 1450B Crawler, 1455B Crawler, 2290 Tractor, 2394 Tractor, 1280 Excavator, 1187B Feller Buncher, 3294 Tractor, 3594 Tractor, 1187 Feller Buncher, 2390 Tractor, 3394 Tractor, 1150B Crawler, 1090 Tractor, 1150C Crawler, 1070 Tractor, 1450 Crawler, 1470 Tractor, 1370 Tractor, W26B Wheel Loader, 980 Excavator, 2470 Tractor, 2294 Tractor, Diesel, 1170 Tractor, 1175 Tractor, 1270 Tractor, 850 Crawler, 680C Backhoe Loader, W7E Wheel Loader, 455B Crawler, 450B Crawler, 580 Super D Backhoe Loader, 680B Backhoe Loader, 770 Tractor, 584C Forklift, 580C Backhoe Loader, 580D Backhoe Loader, 585C Forklift, W11 Wheel Loader, 586C Forklift, 980B Excavator, 50E Excavator, 1570 Tractor

OEM Reference #: 5A57641, A57641