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Caterpillar Sensor Group, 2659033

Caterpillar 3 Pin Heavy Duty Speed Sensor, 2659033

MSRP: $76.32
You Save: $2.46 (3 %)
Part Number: 118434
Brand: CTP
Manufacturer Part No: 2659033
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
3 pin heavy duty speed sensor

Fits the following Caterpillar Engines:
Truck Engine 3406E C-12
Machine Engine  3176C
Industrial Engine 3176C 2016 3176B 3196 3406E 3412E 3456 3512B 3512C 3512E 3516B 3516C 3516E C-10 C280-16 CG137-08 CG137-12 G3412 G3512 G3512H G3516 G3516C G3516H G3520 G3520H G3606 G3608 G3612 G3616 SPF743 

Fits the following Caterpillar Applications:
Earthmoving Compactor 836
Wheel-Type Loader 988B 988F 988F II 990 990 II 992C 992D 994K
Generator SR4 SR4B
Engine - Generator Set 3508 3512B 3516 3516B 3516E 3608 C280-12 C280-16 CG137-08 CG137-12 G3516H POWER SYS XQC1200 XQC1600 XQG400
Petroleum Products 3412E 3508C 3512C 3512E 3516C CX48-P2300
Off-Highway Truck 69D 769C 769D 771C 771D 772B 773B 773D 773E 775B 775D 775E 776D 777 777D 777B 784C 785 785C 785G 789C 789D 793C 797 797B 789G
Cold Planer PM-565
Motor Grader 24H
Wheeled Excavator W345B II
Wheel Dozer 834B 844 854G
Underground Articulated Truck AD45 AE40 II
Pipelayer 572R II
Excavator 345B 345B II 345B II MH 345B L 365B 365B II 365B L 5110B 5130B 5230B
Marine Products 3412E 3508 3508B 3512 3516 3516C C280-12 C280-16 C32 C280-8 C30
Wheel Tractor-Scraper 631D 631E 631G 633D 633E II 637D 637E 637G 639D 651E 657E
Track-Type Tractor D10N D10R D11N D11R D7R II D8L D9L D9N D9R
Load, Haul, Dump R1600 R1600G R1700G R2900

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OEM Cross References: 127-1008, 1271008, 129-6628, 1296628, 265-9033, 2659033, 3E6410, 3E7516, 5221641