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Caterpillar 3208 Fuel Line Kit, 174805

Caterpillar 3208 Fuel Line Kit, 174805

MSRP: $156.26
You Save: $17.98 (12 %)
Part Number: 174805
Brand: CTP
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
This Caterpillar fuel line kit fits serial prefixes: 1Z, 2Z, 3Z, 29A, 30A, 30Z, 51Z, 75V, 79V, 90N

Please note: There are more than one fuel line kit used on a Caterpillar 3208 engine. If you are unsure of which kit to order, please give us a call with your complete engine serial number.

Arrangement numbers: 1W0318, 1W0319, 1W0320, 1W0321, 1W0322, 1W0323, 1W0324, 1W0325, 1W0326, 1W0327, 1W0328, 1W0329, 1W0330, 1W0332, 1W0333, 1W0334, 1W0335, 1W0336, 1W0337, 1W0338, 1W0339, 1W0340, 1W0341, 1W0343, 1W0344, 1W0345, 1W0346, 1W0348, 1W0355, 1W0357, 1W2578, 1W4702, 1W5070, 1W5900, 1W6715, 1W6784, 1W6925, 1W6925, 1W6926, 1W6926, 1W7199, 1W7200, 1W7527, 1W7528, 1W8699, 2W0756, 2W5178, 2W5179, 2W5182, 2W6558, 2W7842, 2W8217, 2W8218, 2W8219, 2W8227, 2W8612, 2W8613, 2W8779, 2W8828, 2W9125, 4W0858, 4W0859, 4W0860, 4W2854, 4W3873, 4W5370, 4W6740, 4W8973, 4W9003, 7C1346, 7C2300, 7C2300, 7C2301, 7C2301, 7C2302, 7C2302, 7C2303, 7C2303, 7C2304, 7C2304, 7C2305, 7C2305, 7C2306, 7C2306, 7C2570, 7C2571, 7C2572, 7C2573, 7C2572, 7C2573, 7C2574, 7C2575, 7C2576, 7C2577, 7C2578, 7C2579, 7C3555, 7C3636, 7C3665, 7C4091, 7C4733, 7C4789, 7C5208, 7C5283, 7C5571, 7C5634, 7C5635, 7C5636, 7C5637, 7C5639, 7C5640, 7C5641, 7C5641, 7C5642, 7C5643, 7C5644, 7C5645, 7C6372, 7C6471, 7C6472, 7C6473, 7C6474, 7C6475, 7C6477, 7C6478, 7C6479, 7C6642, 7C6833, 7C7635, 7C7672, 7C8800, 7C8801, 7C8802, 7C8803, 7C8804, 7C8805, 7C8806, 7C8807, 7C8808, 7C8810, 7C8811, 7C8812, 7C8813, 7C8814, 7C8817, 7C8818, 7C8819, 7C8820, 7C8821, 7C8822, 7C8823, 7C8824, 7C8825, 7C8826, 7C8827, 7C8828, 7C8829, 7C8836, 7C8837, 7C8838, 7C8840, 7C8841, 7C8842, 7C8843, 7C8845, 7C8846, 7C8847, 7C8848, 7W2659, 7W2664, 7W2665, 7W2906, 7W2907, 7W2911, 7W2912, 7W3002, 7W3003, 7W3004, 7W3005, 7W3203, 7W3300, 7W3301, 7W3302, 7W3303, 7W3304, 7W3305, 7W4046, 7W5650, 7W5651, 7W5652, 7W5653, 7W5656, 7W5657, 7W5658, 7W5659, 7W6769, 7W7069, 7W7070, 7W8514, 7W8921, 7W8922, 7W8923, 7W8924, 7W9386, 7W9387, 7W9388, 8N4300, 9N6484, 7C2212, 1W6928, 2W0768, 7W1000

This Caterpillar Fuel Line Kit Includes:
(1) Fuel Line, 9Y0141
(1) Fuel Line, 9Y0142
(1) Fuel Line, 9Y0143
(1) Fuel Line, 9Y0144
(1) Fuel Line, 9Y0145
(1) Fuel Line, 9Y0146
(1) Fuel Line, 9Y0147
(1) Fuel Line, 9Y0148
(12) Clamp Screw, 5P4939

The following parts are not included and are only available from Caterpillar:
(2) Fuel Line Clamp, 9L8715
(2) Fuel Line Clamp, 9L8716
(2) Fuel Line Clamp, 9L9160
(5) Fuel Line Clamp, 9L8714
(3) Fuel Line Clamp, 9L8713

Our fuel lines are made from the best materials, with specially designed high pressure steel fittings and adapters for a leak free connection. All fuel lines are tested to work together as an assembly, ensuring a proper fit. We offer the best value product with OEM form fit and function.

Features and Benefits
Premium quality cold drawn seamless carbon steel tubing.
Cold drawn process Increases strength allowing for 20% higher working pressures.
Superior surface finish, connections are treated to prevent oxidation.
CNC manufacturing process ensures precision and quality.
Dimensional accuracy and excellent micro-structure uniformity.