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Caterpillar C15 Big Bore Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit, IPD Brand

Caterpillar C15 Big Bore Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit, IPD Brand

Our Price: $7,295.00
NOTE: Our website does not automatically run your VIN/Engine Serial Number. We run it after your purchase to ensure you are getting the correct parts for your engine.
IMPORTANT: We will build your kit according to your original serial number. If you feel that your engine has ever been modified or was not previously rebuilt to the factory specifications please contact us before ordering.

Price may change upon customizations.

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Brand: IPD
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Product Details & Specifications
IPD's Caterpillar C15 Big Bore overhaul kit is the best way to increase your engines horse power and torque. This kit converts your C15 from a 14.6L (890 displacement) to a 16.4L (999 displacement) engine. 

Fits Serial Prefixes 6NZ, MBN, MXS

This kit is best utilized in heavy use applications like hauling stone or cattle, truck racing and truck pulling. 

Due to the increase displacement, cylinder temperatures drop approximately 200 degrees on average. Because of this these engines tend to over fuel slightly. So, using a stock injector is enough. Attempting to use a larger injector will cause major over fueling issues. Due to the slight over fueling using this kit in a daily driver application might not be for you. Customers that have used these kits for those types of applications might experience a fuel smell, especially at idle. 

The cylinder kit included in this big bore engine kit utilizes a modified C18 cylinder kit. The piston is modified by adjusting the compression distance which brings the compression ratio to 16:1 with a 5.700" bore. The liner is a chrome moly (molybdenum) steel liner which is stronger than conventional steel. The liners are also double heat treated for improved strength. However, because these are a steel liner, they will naturally flex in the engine when running. This is why it is critical for the sealing surface in your lower bores should be inspected before installation. The cylinder lower bore specification is 6.057-6.061". It is recommended to be .002" +/- from this spec. If you are out of this spec it is recommended to install lower bore inserts. If you are installing lower bore inserts it is recommended to machine them to the tighter end of the spec. Failure to inspect and/or install these liners in a block that is out of the specification range will result in premature failure of your liner seals. 

With a stock camshaft, stock injectors and a small amount of ECM adjustments you can achieve around 740 HP. Keeping your engine in this range will yield the best longevity. That's not to say you cannot increase the horsepower further on these kits. However, the higher you increase the horsepower you will sacrifice durability.

You will need to update your piston cooling nozzles (Part # 2748359)

The coated versions of this kit utilize a ceramic coated piston head, and Teflon coated rod and main bearings to improve longevity.

Since the installation of these parts requires custom tuning and was designed for high horsepower applications, there is no warranty offered

Overhaul Kit Includes
(6) Cylinder Liner, 5560701
(6) Cylinder Liner Seals, 2588117
(6) Piston, IPDC15BB
(6) Piston Ring Set, C18RS1
(6) Piston Pin, 5245565
(12) Piston Pin Retainer, 7E1177
(6) Rod Bearings, 2502940
(7) Main Bearings, 3178766
(2) Thrust Washers, 2531752
(1) Out of Frame Gasket Set, C15001NLS

*Please Note: Some Caterpillar engines use an "Isolation Seal" for the underframe stiffener plate. (Manufacturer Part number 1685248) This item is not included with our kits, as Caterpillar suggests reusing this gasket up to 3 times before replacement. Please inspect your isolation seal. If you require a replacement, it will need to be ordered separately.

If you require a complete lower gasket set with crank seals and are unsure which part number to order, please give us a call with your Engine Serial Number and we'd be happy to assist. 

replaces KOFC15BB/11, KOFC15BBC/11

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