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Caterpillar C6.4 Engine Inframe Overhaul Rebuild Kit, Piston 3244235

Caterpillar C6.4 Engine Inframe Overhaul Rebuild Kit, Piston 3244235

Our Price: $1,388.33
MSRP: $1,511.37
You Save: $123.04 (8 %)
NOTE: Our website does not automatically run your VIN/Engine Serial Number. We run it after your purchase to ensure you are getting the correct parts for your engine.
IMPORTANT: We will build your kit according to your original serial number. If you feel that your engine has ever been modified or was not previously rebuilt to the factory specifications please contact us before ordering.

Price may change upon customizations.

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Brand: HDP
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Product Details & Specifications
Engine Serial Prefix: GDC

Arrangement Numbers: 2724677, 2724683, 2724706, 2724711, 2724730, 2724733, 2724736, 2724739, 2724747, 2797865, 2797899, 2870120, 2964676, 2964687, 3054777, 3054780, 3054882, 3109474, 3109757, 3277199, 3277224, 3794457, 4190542, 4190545, 4190546

Machine Models & Machine Serial Prefix: 320D FM RR SRT, 320D FM BWW, 320D FM BZF, 320D FM CYZ, 320D FM EAX, 320D FM KHN, 320D GC KTF, 320D GC PCM, 320D LN PCX, 320D LN WBN, 320D LRR DHE, 320D LRR EJT, 320D LRR HJC, 320D LRR TAE, 320D LRR XCK, 320D LRR ZGB, 320D L A8F, 320D L A9F, 320D L GDP, 320D L KGF, 320D L MGG, 320D L PHX, 320D L SPN, 320D L TDH, 320D RR GMX, 320D RR YDS, 320D A6F, 320D BZP, 320D FAL, 320D GKS, 320D JFZ, 320D JPD, 320D KLM, 320D MCH, 321D LCR KBZ, 321D LCR MDT, 321D LCR MPG, 321D LCR NAS, 321D LCR PBD, 321D LCR TXA, 323D LN CWG, 323D LN RAC, 323D L BYM, 323D L GTF, 323D L JLG, 323D L LFL, 323D L NDE, 323D L PBE, 323D L WGC, 323D L YSD, 323D L ZMF, 323D SA NES, 323D S SED, 323D WNE, 323D LN DCJ, 323D L L5Z

Parts Include in Overhaul Kit
(6) Pistons, 3244235 (standard), or 3244236 (.25mm), or 3244237 (.50mm)
(6) Piston Pins, 0947134
(12) Pin Retainers, 5I7667
(6) Piston Rings, 1786543 (standard), or 1786544 (.25mm), or 1786545 (.50mm)
(1) Main Bearing Set, 4484217 (standard), or 4484218 (.25mm), or 4484220 (.50mm)
(6) Rod Bearing Pairs, 2941748 (standard), or 2977648 (.25mm), or 2977649 (.50mm), 2977650 (.75mm)
(1) Thrust Washer Set, 3630559
(1) Overhaul Gasket Set with Crankshaft Seals, CTPC6.4
(6) Piston Pin Bushing, 2964663
(12) Rod Bolts, 0947154
(12) Rod Nuts, 0947516