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Caterpillar Camshaft, 3477109

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

Caterpillar Camshaft, 3477109

MSRP: $2,302.95
You Save: $1,250.71 (54 %)
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Part Number: 211960
Brand: CTP
Manufacturer Part No: 3477109
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
This camshaft assembly comes with the camshaft gear installed. This is a new cam with no core charge.

Fits Caterpillar C9, C-9, C9.3 Engines

Articulated Truck 725C2 2L6
Articulated Truck 725C2 2T3
Articulated Truck 725C LFB
Articulated Truck 725C TFB
Articulated Truck 725 3T9
Cold Planer PM310 KWA
Cold Planer PM310 NM9
Cold Planer PM310 NMA
Cold Planer PM310 RH8
Cold Planer PM312 LJ9
Cold Planer PM312 NA9
Cold Planer PM312 NJ9
Cold Planer PM312 NJX
Cold Planer PM313 DK9
Cold Planer PM313 J63
Cold Planer PM313 JH9
Cold Planer PM313 JHZ
Generator Set C9.3 C93
Industrial Engine C9.3 C9N
Industrial Engine C9.3 CS9
Industrial Engine C9.3 D9N
Truck Engine C9 MFF
Truck Engine C9 C9S
Excavator 336E H HDW
Excavator 336E Lh GNY
Excavator 336E Lh JEA
Excavator 336E Lh RZA
Excavator 336E Lnh SSL
Excavator 336E Ln TMZ
Excavator 336E L BMH
Excavator 336E L BZY
Excavator 336E L DPX
Excavator 336E L FJH
Excavator 336E L GTJ
Excavator 336E L JRJ
Excavator 336E L TEG
Excavator 336E L YCE
Excavator 336E L YEP
Excavator 336E CMR
Excavator 336E KED
Excavator 336F L Xe DFY
Excavator 336F L Xe KGH
Excavator 336F L Xe LTP
Excavator 336F L Xe PFL
Excavator 336F Ln Xe MTW
Excavator 336F Lnxe YBH
Excavator 336F Ln DKF
Excavator 336F Ln KFT
Excavator 336F Ln RBC
Excavator 336F L DSW
Excavator 336F L LCL
Excavator 336F L NBS
Excavator 336F L RKB
Excavator 336F L SSN
Excavator 336F L TZA
Excavator 336F L WTZ
Excavator 336F L ZBJ
Excavator 336F Xe NAJ
Excavator 336F KCS
Excavator 336F LJY
Excavator 336F NBL
Excavator 336F TJE
Excavator 336F WCF
Excavator 336F YFD
Excavator 340F L Lre YBF
Excavator 340F L Uhd WBX
Excavator 340F L Uhd XBD
Excavator 340F DWK
Excavator 340F EAR
Excavator 340F RBD
Excavator 340F SGH
Excavator 568 Fm Ll BRB
Excavator 568 FM GF8
Excavator 568 FM L68
Excavator 568 Fm YJX
Mobile Hyd Power Unit 336E Hvg RBS
Mobile Hyd Power Unit 336E T3Z
Mobile Hyd Power Unit 336FMHPU WGF
Mobile Hyd Power Unit 336F B34
Site Prep Tractor 2864C SP4
Site Prep Tractor 586C SP5
Generator SR4B G6B
Marine Engine C9.3 CA9
Marine Engine C9.3 CP9
Marine Engine C9 PPM
Motor Grader 12M 2 F9B
Motor Grader 12M 2 F9M
Motor Grader 12M 2 R9P
Motor Grader 12M 2 R9S
Motor Grader 12M 3 AWD N9B
Motor Grader 12M 3 AWD N9P
Motor Grader 12M 3 N9F
Motor Grader 12M 3 N9R
Motor Grader 140M 2 M9D
Motor Grader 140M 2 M9J
Motor Grader 140M 2 R9G
Motor Grader 140M 2 R9M
Motor Grader 140M 3 AWD N9G
Motor Grader 140M 3 AWD N9J
Motor Grader 140M 3 N9D
Motor Grader 140M 3 N9M
Motor Grader 140 EB2
Motor Grader 140 EB3
Motor Grader 140 ENF
Motor Grader 140 ENH
Motor Grader 140 N94
Motor Grader 140 N95
Motor Grader 150 EB4
Motor Grader 150 EB5
Motor Grader 150 ENJ
Motor Grader 150 ENK
Motor Grader 160M 2 M9E
Motor Grader 160M 2 M9K
Motor Grader 160M 2 R9L
Motor Grader 160M 2 R9T
Motor Grader 160M 3 AWD N9K
Motor Grader 160M 3 AWD N9T
Motor Grader 160M 3 N9E
Motor Grader 160M 3 N9L
Motor Grader 160 EB6
Motor Grader 160 EB7
Motor Grader 160 ENL
Motor Grader 160 ENM
Petroleum Package CX31-C9I PDK
Petroleum Package TH31-C9T PAY
Petroleum Transmission CX31-P600 PFW
Petroleum Transmission TH31-E61 LWC
Pipelayer PL72 P72
Pipelayer PL72 P73
Track Loader 973 MKL
Track-type Tractor D6T LGPPAT CR3
Track-type Tractor D6T Lgppat RAD
Track-type Tractor D6T Lgp EJJ
Track-type Tractor D6T Lgp HTZ
Track-type Tractor D6T Lgp JRW
Track-type Tractor D6T Lgp KSB
Track-type Tractor D6T Lgp PLR
Track-type Tractor D6T Lgp SGT
Track-type Tractor D6T Lgp ZJB
Track-type Tractor D6T Xl Pat SGA
Track-type Tractor D6T Xl Pat WES
Track-type Tractor D6T Xl DTD
Track-type Tractor D6T Xl GMK
Track-type Tractor D6T Xl JZC
Track-type Tractor D6T Xl KMR
Track-type Tractor D6T Xl MEL
Track-type Tractor D6T Xl TSM
Track-type Tractor D6T Xw Pat STE
Track-type Tractor D6T Xw Pat WRN
Track-type Tractor D6T XW CG8
Track-type Tractor D6T Xw RCW
Track-type Tractor D6T Xw RRK
Track-type Tractor D6T Xw SLJ
Track-type Tractor D6T Xw TMY
Track-type Tractor D6T Xw WLM
Track-type Tractor D6T 2B3
Track-type Tractor D6T 2D2
Track-type Tractor D6T 7C9
Track-type Tractor D6T AK7
Track-type Tractor D6T HYT
Track-type Tractor D6T JML
Track-type Tractor D6T JNM
Track-type Tractor D6T K1R
Track-type Tractor D6T MB5
Track-type Tractor D6T MH7
Track-type Tractor D6T NDY
Track-type Tractor D6T SGZ
Track-type Tractor D7E Lgp TJA
Track-type Tractor D7E HKA
Track-type Tractor D7E MDB
Track-type Tractor D7E SCG
Track-type Tractor D7E SSH
Track-type Tractor D7E TAN
Wheel Scraper 637K WTT
Wheel Tractor-scraper 627K Lrc WTN
Wheel Tractor-scraper 627K WTC
Wheel Tractor-scraper 637K WTS
Wheel Tractor-scraper 637K WTY
Wheel Tractor 627H DBW
Wheel Tractor 627H LCT
Wheel Tractor 637K WTX
Wheel Loader 966K Xe NGX
Wheel Loader 966K PBG
Wheel Loader 966K TFS
Wheel Loader 966L FRS
Wheel Loader 966L FSL
Wheel Loader 966M XE B8P
Wheel Loader 966M Xe DZL
Wheel Loader 966M XE FL2
Wheel Loader 966M XE P6C
Wheel Loader 966M Xe XCR
Wheel Loader 966M DYC
Wheel Loader 966M EJA
Wheel Loader 966M GMS
Wheel Loader 966M KJP
Wheel Loader 966M L8R
Wheel Loader 966M LMM
Wheel Loader 966M MD7
Wheel Loader 966M R8D
Wheel Loader 972K PEM
Wheel Loader 972K Z4W
Wheel Loader 972L RFB
Wheel Loader 972L YJW
Wheel Loader 972M XE AN3
Wheel Loader 972M Xe EDW
Wheel Loader 972M XE L9S
Wheel Loader 972M XE M5S
Wheel Loader 972M XE R1Z
Wheel Loader 972M A78
Wheel Loader 972M A8P
Wheel Loader 972M GGN
Wheel Loader 972M JPR
Wheel Loader 972M L8E
Wheel Loader 972M LSJ
Wheel Loader 972M M8W
Wheel Loader 972M WGN

Cross Reference with Part Numbers: 3477109, 347-7109, 3131954, 313-1954, 20R1141