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Caterpillar, Perkins Thermostat Connection Assembly, 2289897

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

Caterpillar, Perkins Thermostat Connection Assembly, 2289897

MSRP: $190.91
You Save: $118.82 (62 %)
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Part Number: 212196
Brand: KMP
Manufacturer Part No: 2289897
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
Fits Caterpillar applications (with serial prefix): 
Asphalt Paver AP-650B 9DN, Asphalt Paver BG-225C 5GN, Backhoe Loader 416C 1XR, Backhoe Loader 416C 5YN, Backhoe Loader 416D BFP, Backhoe Loader 426C 1NR, Backhoe Loader 426C 1ZR, Backhoe Loader 428C 2CR, Backhoe Loader 428C 8RN, Backhoe Loader 436C 1RR, Backhoe Loader 436C 2BR, Backhoe Loader 416C 1WR, Backhoe Loader 416C 4ZN, Backhoe Loader 416D BGJ, Backhoe Loader 416D BKG, Backhoe Loader 416D CXP, Backhoe Loader 420D BKC, Backhoe Loader 420D BMC, Backhoe Loader 420D FDP, Backhoe Loader 424D BGP, Backhoe Loader 424D BKR, Backhoe Loader 426C 1CR, Backhoe Loader 426C 1ER, Backhoe Loader 426C 1MR, Backhoe Loader 426C 1YR, Backhoe Loader 426C 6XN, Backhoe Loader 426C 7WN, Backhoe Loader 428D BLL, Backhoe Loader 428D BMT, Backhoe Loader 428D BNB, Backhoe Loader 428D BNS, Backhoe Loader 430D BML, Backhoe Loader 430D BNK, Backhoe Loader 432D BLD, Backhoe Loader 436C 1FR, Backhoe Loader 436C 1PR, Backhoe Loader 436C 2AR, Backhoe Loader 436C 8TN, Backhoe Loader 436C 9JN, Backhoe Loader 438C 1JR, Backhoe Loader 438C 1TR, Backhoe Loader 438C 2DR, Backhoe Loader 438C 9KN, Backhoe Loader 438D BPE, Backhoe Loader 438D BPN, Backhoe Loader 442D BRG, Backhoe Loader 442D BRY, Backhoe Loader 420D BLN, Gen Set Engine 3054 2PW, Industrial Engine 3054B 5MF, Industrial Engine 3054 5YS, Industrial Engine 3056 7MS, Excavator M312 6TL, Excavator M315 7ML, Forwarder 554 1AM, Marine Engine 3054B CSH, Marine Engine 3054 CYK, Pneumatic Compactor PF-300B 6HM, Pneumatic Compactor PS-300B 4PN, Pneumatic Compactor PF-290B 1XW, Pneumatic Compactor PS-150B 3XR, Pneumatic Compactor PS-200B 5JR, Pneumatic Compactor PS-360B 9LS, Vibratory Compactor CB-434C 4DN, Vibratory Compactor CB-434C 4MW, Vibratory Compactor CB-534C 1WS, Vibratory Compactor CB-534C 5HN, Vibratory Compactor CB-535B 3AR, Vibratory Compactor CP-323C 6DM, Vibratory Compactor CP-433C 1ZN, Vibratory Compactor CP-433C 2JM, Vibratory Compactor CP-433C 4JZ, Vibratory Compactor CS-323C 1EN, Vibratory Compactor CS-431C 3WZ, Vibratory Compactor CS-431C 6EN, Vibratory Compactor CS-431C 9XL, Vibratory Compactor CS-433C 1FS, Vibratory Compactor CS-433C 1XZ, Vibratory Compactor CS-433C 2TN, Vibratory Compactor CS-433C 3TM, Vibratory Compactor CS-433C 5BZ, Wheeled Excavator M312 6TL, Wheeled Excavator M315 7ML

Fits Perkins applications: 
Perkins 1004-40, 1004-40S, 1004-40T, 1004-40TW, 1004-42 Build Lists AF, AJ, AK, AL, AM, AR
Perkins 1006-60, 1006-60T, 1006-60TW Build Lists YG, YH, YK

replaces: 2289897, 228-9897, 1620234, 162-0234, 4133L036, 4133L019, 02-202411, 565442, 702089