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Caterpillar Piston Body, 2M5558

Caterpillar Piston Body, 2M5558

MSRP: $117.66
You Save: $12.61 (11 %)
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Part Number: 114802
Brand: CTP
Manufacturer Part No: 2M5558
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
For straight rod, without heat plug

Fits serial ranges: 

112 Motor Grader 68E1-68E1377
112 Motor Grader 82F1-82F775
12 Motor Grader 73G1-UP
120 Motor Grader 60H1-UP
120 Motor Grader 89G1-UP
12E Motor Grader 99E1-99E4265
12E Motor Grader 99E4266-UP
14C Motor Grader 35F1-35F1264
14D Motor Grader 96F1-UP
1670 with serial number 61B1-UP & arrangement 9L2716
1673 with serial number 70B1080-70B1681
1673 with serial number 70B1682-UP
1673 with serial number 70B1-70B233
1673 with serial number 70B234-UP
225 Excavator 61X1-UP
561B Pipelayer 62A1-UP
561C Pipelayer 85H1-UP
944 Wheel Loader 43A5613-UP
944 Wheel Loader 70A1-40A1992
944 Wheel Loader 70A1993-UP
944A Wheel Loader 43A1-43A5612
950 Wheel Loader 58H127-58H518
950 Wheel Loader 58H519-UP
950 Wheel Loader 90A1-90A3028
950 Wheel Loader 90A3029-UP
950 Wheel Loader 99A1-99A491
951B Traxcavator 79H1-UP
955H Traxcavator 60A1-UP
955K Traxcavator 31J1-31J792
955K Traxcavator 48H1-48H1494
955K Traxcavator 48H1495-UP
955K Traxcavator 61H1-61H1801
955K Traxcavator 61H1802-UP
966A Traxcavator 33A1-33A2110
966B Traxcavator 75A1-751467
966B Wheel Loader 57H1-UP
966B Wheel Loader 75A1468-UP
977H Traxcavator 53A1-UP
977K Traxcavator 46H1-UP
977K Traxcavator 76H1-76H298
D330A Industrial Engines 56B1-56B5147
D330A Industrial Engines 85B1-UP
D330A Marine Engines 57B1-57B527
D330A Marine Engines 86B1-UP
D330A with serial number 56B1-UP
D330A with serial number 57B1-UP
D330A with serial number 85B1-UP
D330A with serial number 86B1-UP
D333A Industrial Engines 58BA-UP
D333A Industrial Engines 87B1-UP
D333A Industrial Engines 88B1-UP
D333A Marine Engines 59B1-59B989
D333A with serial number 58B1-58B4556
D333A with serial number 59B1-UP
D333A with serial number 87B1-UP
D333A with serial number 88B1-UP
D4C Crawler Tractor 39A1-39A581
D4C Crawler Tractor 40A1-40A5253
D4D Crawler Tractor 78A1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 83H1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 84HH1-UP
D6 Crawler Tractor 74A1-74A3108
D6 Crawler Tractor 76A1-74A6061
D6 Crawler Tractor 82A1-82A620
D6 Crawler Tractor 82A621-UP
D6 Crawler Tractor 83A1-83A910
D6 Crawler Tractor 93A911-UP
D6B Crawler Tractor 44A1-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 41A1-41A395
D6C Crawler Tractor 96A1-96A892