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Caterpillar Rod Bearing, .050, 8N8223-050

Caterpillar Rod Bearing, .050, 8N8223-050

MSRP: $17.11
You Save: $1.53 (9 %)
Part Number: 130445
Brand: CTP
Manufacturer Part No: 8N8223-050
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications

112 Motor Grader 46D1-UP
112 Motor Grader 68E1387-UP
112 Motor Grader 68E1-68E1377
112 Motor Grader 82F776-UP
112 Motor Grader 91G1-UP
112F Motor Grader 80J1-UP
112F Motor Grader 89J1-UP
120 Motor Grader 10R1-UP
120 Motor Grader 13U1-UP
120 Motor Grader 14K1-142263
120 Motor Grader 22R1-UP
120 Motor Grader 35K1-35K514
120 Motor Grader 90R1-UP
120B Motor Grader 64U1050-UP
120G Motor Grader 11W1-UP
120G Motor Grader 82V1-UP
120G Motor Grader 87V1-UP
12F Motor Grader 13K1-UP
12F Motor Grader 17K1-UP
12F Motor Grader 33K1-UP
12F Motor Grader 89H1-UP
12G Motor Grader 61M1-UP
130G Motor Grader 12W1-UP
130G Motor Grader 74V1-UP
140 Motor Grader 11R1-UP
140 Motor Grader 14U431-UP
140 Motor Grader 24R1-UP
140 Motor Grader 55F441-UP
140B Motor Grader 61S1-UP
140G Motor Grader 13W1-UP
140G Motor Grader 72V1-UP
140G Motor Grader 81V1-UP
14E Motor Grader 12K1-UP
14E Motor Grader 72G1-UP
14G Motor Grader 96U1-UP
1670 Truck Engines 61B1-UP
1673C Truck Engines 69D1-UP
1673C Truck Engines 76R1-76R273
1674 Truck Engines 94B10014-UP
1674 Truck Engines 94B1-94B10013
21 Excavator 96L1-UP
225 Excavator 61X1-UP
225 Excavator 76U1-UP
235 Excavator 32K1301-32K2678
235 Excavator 32K1-32K1300
235 Excavator 32K2679-32K2731
235 Excavator 32K2734-UP
235 Excavator 3N
235 Excavator 62X1-UP
235 Excavator 64R1-UP
235 Excavator 81X1-UP
235 Excavator 83X1-UP
3304 Industrial Engines 2B4364-UP
3304 Industrial Engines 4B4555-UP
3304 Industrial Engines 78P
3304 Truck Engines 12Z1-UP
3304 Truck Engines 48V
3304 Truck Engines 7Z1-UP
3306 Engines 7Y1-YP
3306 Genset Engines 85Z1-UP
3306 Industrial Engines 23C740-UP
3306 Industrial Engines 23C906-UP
3306 Industrial Engines 64Z1-UP
3306 Industrial Engines 66D1-UP
3306 Industrial Engines 66D8891-66D22099
3306 Marine Engines 67D1103-67D1374
3306 Marine Engines 67D1-UP
3306 Marine Engines 67D2422-UP
3306 Truck Engines 3N
3306 Truck Engines 47V
3306 Truck Engines 49V
3306 Truck Engines 63Z12478-UP
3306 Truck Engines 63Z1-63Z12477
3306 Truck Engines 76R273-UP
3306 Truck Engines 76R2779-UP
3306 Truck Engines 76R371-76R1294
3306 Truck Engines 8Z1-UP
518 Skidder 50S1-UP
518 Skidder 55U1-UP
528 Skidder 51S1-UP
528 Skidder 78W1-UP
561C Pipelayer 92J1-UP
561D Pipelayer 54X1-UP
571F Pipelayer 95N1-UP
571G Pipelayer 16W1-UP
572F Pipelayer 96N1-UP
572G Pipelayer 40U1-UP
621R Wheel Tractor 12Y1-UP
627 Scraper 50K1-UP
627 Scraper 69M1-UP
627 Wheel Tractor 54K1-UP
627 Wheel Tractor 68M1-UP
627B Scraper 37V1-UP
627B Scraper 38V1-UP
627B Wheel Tractor 14S1-UP
627B Wheel Tractor 15S1-UP
627B Wheel Tractor 34V1-UP
627B Wheel Tractor 56V1-UP
637 Scraper 64M1-64M581
637 Scraper 64M382-UP
637 Scraper 91N1-91N1026
637 Scraper 91N583-UP
637 Scraper 92N1-92N285
637 Scraper 92N242-UP
637B Scraper 26R1-26R694
637B Scraper 26R1-UP
637D Scraper 20W1-UP
637D Scraper 21W1-UP
637D Scraper 22W1-UP
637D Scraper 23W1-UP
637D Scraper 70W1-UP
639D Scraper 88X1-UP
814 Wheel Tractor 14R1-UP
814 Wheel Tractor 90P1-UP
815 Compactor 15R1-UP
815 Compactor 91P1-UP
816 Compactor 57U1-UP
920 Wheel Loader 41J1-UP
920 Wheel Loader 62K1-UP
922B Wheel Loader 74J1-74J1980
922B Wheel Loader 74J1981-UP
922B Wheel Loader 88J1-UP
922B Wheel Loader 94A1-UP
922B Wheel Loader 97A1-97A1235
930 Wheel Loader 41K1-UP
930 Wheel Loader 79J1-UP
941 Traxcavator 75H1-UP
941B Traxcavator 70H1-UP
941B Traxcavator 80H1-UP
944 Wheel Loader 77J1-UP
944 Wheel Loader 87J1-UP
950 Wheel Loader 15J1-UP
950 Wheel Loader 31K1-UP
950 Wheel Loader 43J1-UP
950 Wheel Loader 49U1-UP
950 Wheel Loader 73J1-73J3956
950 Wheel Loader 73J3957-UP
950 Wheel Loader 81J1-UP
951 Traxcavator 15F1-15F256
951 Traxcavator 63K1-63K987
951 Traxcavator 89A1-UP
951 Traxcavator 92A1-UP
951B Traxcavator 32F1-UP
951B Traxcavator 69H1-69H1868
951B Traxcavator 72J1-72J1952
951B Traxcavator 86J1-86J1991
951C Traxcavator 19H1-19H1968
951C Traxcavator 69H1869-UP
951C Traxcavator 86J1992-UP
955K Traxcavator 64J1-64J5182
955K Traxcavator 71J1-71J4557
955K Traxcavator 85J1-85J4671
955L Traxcavator 64J5183-UP
955L Traxcavator 85J4672-UP
955L Wheel Loader 13X1-UP
966 Wheel Loader 30K1625-30K2971
966 Wheel Loader 76J6389-76J12666
966 Wheel Loader 76J6389-UP
966C Wheel Loader 25U1-UP
966C Wheel Loader 30K1-30K1624
966C Wheel Loader 42J1-UP
966C Wheel Loader 76J1-76J6388
966C Wheel Loader 78G1-78G1000
977K Traxcavator 48J1-48J1058
977K Traxcavator 70J1-70J2222
977K Wheel Tractor 11K1-11K3918
977L Wheel Loader 14X-UP
977L Wheel Tractor 11K3919-UP
980 Wheel Loader 89P2168-UP
980B Wheel Loader 289P1-UP
D330 Industrial Engines 2B1-2B4363
D330A Industrial Engines 56B5148-UP
D330A Marine Engines 57B528-UP
D330A Marine Engines 57BV528-UP
D330B Industrial Engines 81B1-UP
D330B Industrial Engines 98B1-UP
D330B Marine Engines 82B1-UP
D330B Marine Engines 99B1-UP
D333C Industrial Engines 23C1-23C739
D333C Industrial Engines 32C1-32C739
D333C Industrial Engines 66D1-66D8890
D333C Industrial Engines 67D1-67D1102
D333C Marine Engines 67D1-67D1102
D334 Engines 92B1-92B3478
D334 Engines 92B3489-UP
D334 Marine Engines 93B1811-UP
D334 Marine Engines 93B1-93B1807
D4 Crawler Tractor 18J1-UP
D4 Crawler Tractor 20J1-UP
D4 Crawler Tractor 22C1-22C655
D4 Crawler Tractor 24A1-24A1274
D4 Crawler Tractor 47H1-47H509
D4 Crawler Tractor 47H510-UP
D4 Crawler Tractor 49J1-UP
D4 Crawler Tractor 54A1-54A124
D4 Crawler Tractor 55A1-55A312
D4 Crawler Tractor 58J1-UP
D4 Crawler Tractor 69A1-69A873
D4 Crawler Tractor 69K1-UP
D4 Crawler Tractor 85A1-UP
D4 Crawler Tractor 86A1-UP
D4 Crawler Tractor 88A1-88A1124
D4 Crawler Tractor 91A1-91A1512
D4C Crawler Tractor 39A1-39A581
D4C Crawler Tractor 39A582-UP
D4C Crawler Tractor 40A1-40A5253
D4C Crawler Tractor 40A5254-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 44H1224-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 44H1-44H677
D4D Crawler Tractor 44H678-44H759
D4D Crawler Tractor 44H760-44H1190
D4D Crawler Tractor 59J1-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 60J1-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 61J1-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 65J1474-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 65J1-65J1473
D4D Crawler Tractor 66J1-66J2676
D4D Crawler Tractor 66J2677-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 78A1-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 7R1-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 82J1-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 83J1-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 84J1181-84J1524
D4D Crawler Tractor 84J1525-UP
D4D Crawler Tractor 84J1-84J1180
D4D Crawler Tractor 97F1-UP
D4E Crawler Tractor 27X1-UP
D4E Crawler Tractor 28X1-UP
D4E Crawler Tractor 29X1-UP
D4E Crawler Tractor 68X1-UP
D4E Crawler Tractor 69X1-UP
D4E Crawler Tractor 70X1-UP
D4E Crawler Tractor 71X1-UP
D4E Crawler Tractor 72X1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 62J1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 63J1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 67J1-67J12461
D5 Crawler Tractor 68J1-68J2461
D5 Crawler Tractor 6R1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 93J2-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 94J1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 95J1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 96J1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 97J1-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 98J1134-UP
D5 Crawler Tractor 98J1-98J832
D5B Crawler Tractor 12R1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 22X1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 23X1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 24X1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 25X1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 26X1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 43X1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 44X1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 45X1-UP
D5B Crawler Tractor 46X1-UP
D6 Crawler Tractor 69U1-UP
D6B Crawler Tractor 37A1-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 10K1-10K4825
D6C Crawler Tractor 10K5984-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 17R1-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 23U1-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 24U1-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 26K1-26K1144
D6C Crawler Tractor 46J1-46J663
D6C Crawler Tractor 46J664-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 47J1-47J687
D6C Crawler Tractor 47J688-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 69J1-69J2538
D6C Crawler Tractor 90B1-90B1095
D6C Crawler Tractor 99J1551-UP
D6C Crawler Tractor 99J1-99J1496
D6D Crawler Tractor 3X1-UP
D6D Crawler Tractor 4X1-UP
D6D Crawler Tractor 5X1-UP
D6D Crawler Tractor 6X1-UP
D6D Crawler Tractor 74W1-UP
D6D Crawler Tractor 75W1-UP
D7F Crawler Tractor 61G1-UP
D7F Crawler Tractor 91E1-91E831
D7F Crawler Tractor 92E1-92E1050
D7F Crawler Tractor 93N1-93N882
D7F Crawler Tractor 93N883-UP
D7F Crawler Tractor 94N1-94N2245
D7F Crawler Tractor 94N2246-UP
D7G Crawler Tractor 35N1-UP
D7G Crawler Tractor 72W1-UP
D7G Crawler Tractor 91V1-UP
D7G Crawler Tractor 92V1-UP

Our Caterpillar parts are made with premium OEM quality materials to ensure strength and durability. We design and manufacture these parts to withstand the extreme conditions found in todays heavy duty equipment.