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Caterpillar Sensor Group, 1946724

Caterpillar 3406E, C15, C18, C32 Pressure Sensor, 1946724

MSRP: $209.93
You Save: $114.68 (55 %)
Part Number: 115166
Brand: HDP
Manufacturer Part No: 1946724
Mfg Warranty:  
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Product Details & Specifications
Gas Engines
G3516C L4M, G3516C NG6, G3516C NWD, G3516C NWE, G3516C NWF, G3516C HCY, G3516C HPY, G3516E NWG

Generator Sets
3456 EPE, 3456 9BZ, 3456 BGA, 3456 CAH, 3456 CBX, 3456 CCB, 3456 GHJ, 3456 C1G, 3456 C2T, 3456 C3G, 3456 C4G, 3508 5XM, 3508 BGX, 3512 6PM, 3512 3MS, 3516 7KM, 3406E 9NN, 3406E 8AZ, 3508B 2HW, 3508B 6PN, 3508B PTN, 3508B CNB, 3508B 3LS, 3508B 4GM, 3508B 5KW, 3508B DPN, 3508B GS7, 3508B LD3, 3508B LPD, 3512B PTM, 3512B PTF, 3512B 5AW, 3512B CMC, 3512B 8RM, 3512B 4AW, 3512B 6WN, 3512B 6GW, 3512B 9G5, 3512B 9G8, 3512B LDE, 3512B BLF, 3512B ED5, 3512B FDE, 3512B LDF, 3512B BRK, 3512B ED8, 3512B GS6, 3512B NSC, 3512C RMS, 3512C LL9, 3512C LLT, 3512C 9H2, 3512C LDJ, 3512C LDK, 3516B 1NW, 3516B 7RN, 3516B LEK, 3516B 2JW, 3516B PTC, 3516B FDN, 3516B GZS, 3516B 3NS, 3516B BPJ, 3516B LD4, 3516B ZAP, 3516B 6HN, 3516B PBR, 3516B ZAR, 3516B 8NW, 3516B EDP, 3516B GAR, 3516B BMB, 3516B CPA, 3516B EDG, 3516B FDX, 3516B GSA, 3516C PRC, 3516C EDY, 3516C GS2, C12 BCY, C18 G4C, C18 STM, C18 C6C, C18 STD, C18 CYL, C18 NKK, C18 MGS, C27 DWB, C32 SXC, C32 WDR, G3516C GZZ, G3516C GZC, G3516C F6D, G3516C F6F, G3516C F6M, G3516C TJC, G3516C GG3, G3516C GSB, , G3516C N6R, G3516C TJB, G3516E GAS, G3516E SLY, G3520C GZA, G3520C LGS, G3520C RLPG3520C GZB, G3520C GZN, G3520C GZM, G3520C CWW, G3520C FZA, G3520C GZL, G3520C B9P, G3520C CWY, G3520C FZB, G3520C FZE, G3520C FZF, G3520C FZG, G3520C GZJ, G3520C GZK, G3520C MAD, G3520C HAT, G3520E GZG, G3520E GZH, G3520E HAL, G3520E SXY

Industrial Engines
3408E 7PR, 3412E 4CR, 3412E BDT, 3412E BFT, 3508B CBB, 3508B LD7, 3508B BPX, 3508B LDZ, 3512B 8DF, 3512B PWG, 3512B BRC, 3512B BR2, 3512B PPC, 3512C MLM, 3512C PE4, 3512C SRF, 3512C MNA, 3516B CAN, 3516B 9WF, 3516B RL8, 3516B RR5, 3516B PYL, 3516C PYA, C10 BCX, C12 BDL, C15 BEM, C16 BFM, C27 TWM, C32 TLD

Locomotive Engines
3508B 5PS, 3508B C8R, 3508B RR8, 3508C F1X, 3508C RR4, 3512B 3ZW, 3512B RR2, 3512B RL4, 3512C NJT, 3512C F2X, 3512C RL5, 3512C RR6, 3516B RR9, 3516B 6HZ, 3516B RL9, 3516B BCK, 3516C F3Z, 3516C T2X

Machine Engines
C12 BDL, C12 JAC, C27 TWM

Marine Auxiliary
3508 3TS, 3512 3WS, 3512 4DR, 3508B 3DM, 3508B 3DW, 3508B BAG, 3508B S2A, 3508B S2B, 3508C TTM, 3512B 1PW, 3512B 8EM, 3512B AAG, 3512B ED3, 3512B FFG, 3512B 2RD, 3512B ED2, 3512B S2G, 3512B S2H, 3512C E3Y, 3512C ED4, 3512C MXN, 3512C MXP, 3512C TTW, 3512C GDM, 3512C SLM, 3516B 2FW, 3516B 9AN, 3516B 3XS, 3516B CBN, 3516B 2TD, 3516B TAK, 3516B S2Z, 3516B S2P, 3516B S2R, 3516C MXT, 3516C PAF, 3516C TTY, 3516C JTS

Marine Engines
3508 96Y, 3508 3PS, 3512 50Y, 3512 66Z, 3512 3RS, 3516 29Z, 3516 3SS, 3516 72Z, 3126B 3GS, 3126B 9ZF, 3412E 9KS, 3412E 9PW, 3508B 7SM, 3508B 1TW, 3508B 2BM, 3508B S2D, 3508B S2E, 3508B M8A, 3508B S2F, 3508C TTB, 3508C TTP, 3508C PXA, 3508C PXB, 3508C TTA, 3512B 2GW, 3512B 4TN, 3512B 2EZ, 3512B BRN, 3512B 7HM, 3512B MRG, 3512B S2J, 3512B S2K, 3512B S2L, 3512B S2M, 3512B S2N, 3512C DPB, 3512C E3X, 3512C MKH, 3512C PXX, 3512C TTC, 3512C 2A2, 3512C BG2, 3512C BM2, 3512C DE2, 3512C DPC, 3512C E3W, 3512C EWJ, 3512C MB2, 3512C MB3, 3512C MNW, 3512C PXC, 3512C PXE, 3512C PXF, 3512C PXG, 3512C PXW, 3512C RL2, 3512C SB2, 3512C TT4, 3512C TT5, 3512C TTE, 3512C TTF, 3512C TTG, 3512C TTX, 3516B 3CW, 3516B 8KN, 3516B 8CN, 3516B 4BW, 3516B CDE, 3516B S2T, 3516B B5G, 3516B S2S, 3516B S2W, 3516B S2X,  3516B S2Y, 3516C DPD, 3516C E3Z, 3516C PAG, 3516C BG3, 3516C BS2, 3516C FLW, 3516C FT6, 3516C ML2, 3516C ML3, 3516C PXD, 3516C PXH, 3516C PXJ, 3516C PXZ, 3516C TT6, 3516C TT7, 3516C TTD, 3516C TTH, 3516C TTJ, 3516C TTZ, C18 CYN, C18 GEN, C32 RNC, C7 C7B, C7 C7X, C7 M7G

Off Highway Trucks
3508B LD7

Petroleum Engines
3412E Z2D, 3508B EGK, 3508B P8K, 3508C LLE, 3508C C8E, 3508C C8K, 3508C LD8, 3508C LLC, 3512B LN4, 3512B WF2, 3512B 2AF, 3512B SRZ, 3512B SRH, 3512C R1A, 3512C LLF, 3512C LN5, 3512C LD9, 3512C LLA, 3512C LLB, 3512C WF3, 3512C WF5, 3512C WF6, 3512C LLK, 3512C R1S, 3512C R1T, 3516B EDC, 3516B EDH, 3516B EDJ, 3516B 9F2, 3516C EDK, 3516C JB6, 3516C WFS, 3516C WFT, 3516C 9F4, 3516C CG7, 3516C NG3, 3516C PES, C15 Z2C, C32 B2C, C32 SMP, C7 C7P, C7 P7L, C9 P9L, C9 P9W, C9 PHY

Petroleum Gen Sets
3512B E5D, 3512C ELG, 3512C 9G9, 3512C LM9

Power Packages

Reman Engines
3516B KNS

Truck Engines
3406E 1MM, 3406E 2WS, C10 3CS, C12 2KS, C12 9SM, C12 CPD, C12 MBL, C12 TME, C12 8YF, C12 GEP, C15 9NZ, C15 EGH, C15 6NZ, C15 MBN, C16 W1A, C16 7CZ, C18 CJP, C18 MDP, C18 MEP

Our Caterpillar parts are made with premium OEM quality materials to ensure strength and durability. We design and manufacture these parts to withstand the extreme conditions found in todays heavy duty equipment.

OEM Cross References: 129-8374, 1298374, 143-9694, 1439694, 161-9929, 1619929, 194-6724, 1946724