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Cummins 855 Late Cylinder Head - Brand New, Loaded - 3050419, 3053346

Cummins 855 Late Cylinder Head - Brand New, Loaded - 3050419, 3053346

MSRP: $1,024.15
You Save: $37.45 (4 %)
NOTE: Our website does not automatically run your VIN/Engine Serial Number. We run it after your purchase to ensure you are getting the correct parts for your engine.

Price may change upon customizations.

Valve Protrusion - Use Part Number Lookup in Description Below to order correct Protrusion Spec:
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Brand: HDP
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Product Details & Specifications
Cummins 855 - Big Cam IV 88NT, 444, 400 - Includes 365-444 HP Automotive Applications. 

Loaded cylinder head. Assembled, tested and machined in the US! This item will arrive with a full valvetrain assembly and injector cups already installed. You will just need to swap your own injectors over.  

Cylinder head casting and all components are brand new. There is no core charge associated with this item. 

These heads are assembled with two different Valve Recessions by Cummins. We offer the exact same two options:
  1. 0.125" Valve Protrusion (Standard Valve Recession) - Identifiable by Flat upper valve spring retainer caps
  2. 0.070" Valve Protrusion (Also known as Reduced Valve Recession) - Identifiable by Tapered upper valve spring retainer caps
If you are unsure which protrusion you require, please give us a call with your 8 digit engine serial number and we will verify your build. 

Please note: This cylinder head is assembled with "Large" Valve Springs, which are 1.50" in Outside Diameter. If your current head has 1.25" OD valve springs, you will need to order item 166226 instead.  

Before ordering, please ensure that your current head has:
1.50" OD Valve Springs (Large) - OE Part Number 3035996 or 3081212
1.55" Exhaust Ports (Small)
3/8" injector hold-down bolts (Large) - OE Part Number 3049333 (3/8" - 16 x 1.25") or 3058686 (3/8" - 16 x 2.125")

Cross Reference with:
Casting Numbers: 3046760
OE Part Numbers for head with Standard Valve Protrusion:  3050418, 3050419,  3081224, 3406730, 3046760, 3411798, 3411805, 3050419RX, 3652807RX, 3081224RX
OE Part Numbers for head with Reduced Valve Protrusion: 3053344, 3053346, 3053346, 3081225, 3406736, 3411811, 3053346RX, 3652808RX, 3081225RX