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John Deere Cylinder Kit, Power Booster, AR63272HC

John Deere Cylinder Kit, Power Booster, AR63272HC

MSRP: $262.19
You Save: $3.87 (1 %)
Part Number: 103131
Brand: Maxiforce
Manufacturer Part No: AR63272HC
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Product Details & Specifications
Fits John Deere 6 cylinder 404 Turbocharged Engines with Serial Number 335,846 and higher (Late Model)

High compression Cylinder Kit

Power Booster, you say? Power Booster pistons, also referred to as "Hyper" or simply "High Performance" design, are an upgrade to stock cast aluminum pistons for several reasons. 

To begin, they are manufactured with hypereutectic aluminum alloy. What's so special about Hypereutectic Aluminum? All Cast piston alloys use silicon, which increases the wear resistance, durability, and thermal characteristics of the aluminum. However, there is a limit to how much silicon can be utilized so it is evenly distributed without large nodes of silicon forming. This level, which is called the eutectic point, is around 12 percent. Hypereutectic means effectively pushing this level of silicon beyond the normal amount that can be simply blended into the metal. Hypereutectic aluminum will typically have between 16-18 percent silicon in the alloy. Although hypereutectic pistons are still a cast piston, the addition of this extra silicon material gives several benefits over conventional cast pistons. The piston is inherently stronger, with increased thermal characteristics, lubricity, and scuff resistance. It is also more resistant to corrosion, has more complete expansion, and better high-temperature strength. 

The design of these pistons has been completely reassessed, reengineered and then rigorously field tested to ensure maximum power, efficiency and durability. The combustion bowls in our Power Booster pistons have been specifically designed using modern technology to take advantage of performance opportunities that were originally left on the table by John Deere. We are able to safely increase cylinder compression by approximately 1.25 points. This higher compression level increases cylinder pressure and temperature, resulting in more efficient fuel combustion. With this higher air/fuel ratio, your engine is now burning more raw fuel than the stock, lower compression piston. Not only are you operating more efficiently, but you've also increased your engine's horsepower with the simple upgrade to this piston design.  Moly coated piston rings are substituted for standard design rings, which are an important contributor to the high performance upgrade. They offer superior sealing properties under higher stress, thus extending life.  

Horsepower increase aside, our customers have reported back to let us know that a very noticeable effect in the upgrade to Power Booster pistons has been improved engine startup in cold weather. 

All around, we feel very confident about this upgraded design and are very excited to offer it as a reliable option to our customers.