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International Navistar DT466E DT570E Head Gasket Set with Head Bolts, 1889245C95

International Navistar DT466E DT570E 2004-2015 Head Gasket Set with Head Bolts, 1889245C95

MSRP: $749.29
You Save: $124.88 (17 %)
Part Number: 164731
Brand: HDP
Manufacturer Part No: 1889245C95
Mfg Warranty:  
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Product Details & Specifications
Head Gasket Set with head bolt kit

Contains Head Gasket #1885880C2 for use on 2004-2015 Model Year DT466E Engines and M15x2x180 Head Bolt # 1833029C4

Please note: Per International Navistar documentation, head bolts on this model engine must be replaced each time they are loosened after being fully torqued. This is a stretch-design bolt that will not attain proper value torque more than once. If head bolts are not replaced, head gasket leaks can be expected through time. 

This gasket set does not include the valve cover gasket 1842380C95. This is sold separately.

Can be used on DT466E Engines with Serial Number from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 (Model Years 2004-2015)

Kit Includes
(1) Cylinder Head Gasket Set, 1842648C99, 1885598C91, 1889245C95, 1889245C96
(2) Seals,1818402C1, 1818402C2
(1) O-Ring, 1820878C2
(1) O-Ring Seal, 1822135C1
(1) Turbo Mounting Gasket, 1833007C1
(26) Head Bolts, 1833029C4
(1) Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 1833064C1
(4) Turbo Mounting Nuts, 1841574C2
(1) Intake Manifold Gasket, 1842033C1
(1) Breather Seal Ring, 1842105C1
(1) Breather Seal Ring, 1842106C1
(1) Seal Ring, 1842114C1
(6) Injector Seal Kit, 1842624C92, AP0026
(6) Injector Nose Gaskets, 1830317C1, AP0006
(6) Injector Lower Seal Rings, 1842483C1
(6) Injector Upper Seal Rings, 1844934C1, 1889245C92, 1885598C91, 1889245C96, NAV1889245C92, 1842648C99, 1889245C95
(1) High Pressure Oil Kit
(6) Injector Inlet Seal Rings, 1841470C1
(1) Seal Ring, 1841581C1
(6) Back Up Injector Inlet Rings, 1880747C1
(6) Back Up Injector Inlet Rings, 1880747C1-01
(6) Back Up Injector Inlet Rings, 1880747C1-02
(1) Breather Seal Ring, 1844447C1
(1) Model Year 2004-2006 Head Gasket

Cross Reference with Part Numbers: 4333-1842648C93, 4333-1885598C91, 4333-1889245C92, 1842648C91, 1842648C92, 1842648C93, 1876103, 1876103C91, 1876103C92, 1885598, 1885598C91, 1889245, 1889245C91, 1889245C92, 1842648, 1889245C93, 1889245C94, 1889245C95, 1889245C96, 1889247, 1889247C91, 1889247C92, 1889247C93, 1889247C94, 1889247C95, 1889247C96, 1889247C97

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