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Perkins Piston & Rings, .040, 4115P027

Perkins Piston & Rings, .040, 4115P027

MSRP: $136.01
You Save: $2.01 (1 %)
Part Number: 102444
Brand: Maxiforce
Manufacturer Part No: 4115P027
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
1103C-33T (DD), 1103A-33T (DK)
Tier 2
Bore: 4.133 in (105.00 mm)
Stroke: 5.00 in (127.00 mm)
Displacement: 201 cubic inches, 3.3L

Genset (DK51280)
FG Wilson: P32P2S, P32P3S, XP32P3S, P35-1S, P35-2S, P35E2S, P35E3S, P40P1S, P40P2, P40P3, P44E1S, P44E2, P44E3, P45P2, P45P3, P45P3S, P50-1, P50-1S, P50-2, P50E2, P50E3, P50E3S, P50P1, 
P55-1, P55E1, P60P3, P65-1, P65E3, XP35E3S, XP40P1S, XP40P3, XP44E1S, XP45P3, XP44E3, XP45P3S, XP50E3, XP50E3S, XP50P1, XP55E1, XP60P3, XP65E3
KZ Power: KZP-G50, KZP-G66
Dingxin: DP40S, DP52S
Genmac: Alpha G45PO, Alpha G60PO, Strong G45PS, Strong G60PS, King G60PS
MPMC Powertech: MP45-1, MP45S-1, MP47-2, MP47S-2, MP55-2, MP55S-2, MP60-1, MP60S-1
RCG Power: R-P45, R-P60
Teksan: TJ61PE6A, TJ76PE6A, TJ60PE6S, TJ76PE6S
Godlike: GDP45S Genset, GDP60S Genset