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Perkins Woodruff Key, 0500012

Perkins Woodruff Key, 0500012

MSRP: $5.96
You Save: $2.42 (41 %)
Part Number: 211438
Brand: KMP
Manufacturer Part No: 0500012
Mfg Warranty:  Click for Info
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Product Details & Specifications
SAE #11

Fits Perkins 1004.4(AA), 1004.4(AG), 1004.40(AJ), 1004.40(AP), 1004.40T(AK), 1004.40T(AM), 1004.40T(AQ), 1004.40TA(AL), 1004.40TA(AT), 1004.42(AR), 1004.42(AS), 1004.4T(AB), 1004.4T(AC), 1004.4T(AH), 1006.6(YA), 1006.60(YG), 1006.60T(YH), 1006.60TA(YJ), 1006.60TW(YK), 1006.6T(YB), 1006.6T(YC), 1006e.6T(YD), 1103A-33(DJ), 1103A-33T(DK), 1103B-33(DF), 1103B-33T(DG), 1103C-33(DC), 1103C-33T(DD), 1103C-33TA(DE), 1103D-33(XK), 1103D-33T(XL), 1103D-33TA(XM), 1104A-44(RR), 1104A-44T(RS), 1104A-44TA(RT), 1104C-44(RE), 1104C-44T(RG), 1104C-44TA(RJ), 1104C-E44(RF), 1104C-E44T(RH), 1104C-E44TA(RK), 1104D-44(NK), 1104D-44T(NL), 1104D-44TA(NM), 1104D-E44T(NH), 1104D-E44T(NP), 1104D-E44TA(NJ), 1104D-E44TA(NR), 1106A-70T(PP), 1106A-70TA(PR), 1106A-70TG, 1106C-70TA(PT), 1106C-E66TA(PK), 1106C-E6OTA(VK), 1106D-70TA(PU), 1106D-E66TA(PJ), 1106D-E70TA(PW), 1204E-E44TA(MK), 1204E-E44TA(ML), 1204F-E44TA(MT), 1204F-E44TTA(MU), 1206E-E66TA(BK), 1206E-E70TTA(BL), 1206F-E70TA(BM), 3024C, 3034, 3054-3054B, 3054C-3054E, 3056, 3056E, 4.212(LA), 4.236(LD), 4.248(LF), 4.41(LM), 6.354(TC), 6.354.1(TG), 6.354.4(TW), 704.26(UB), 704.30(UA), 704.30(UC), A4.212(LA), A4.236(LD), A4.248(LF), A4.318(NC), A4.318.2(ND), A4.41(LM), A6.354, A6.354.1, A6.354.4, AT4.236(LJ), AT6.354, AT6.354.4, ATC6.354.1, C3.3, C4.4, C6.6, C7, C7.1, T4.236(LJ), T6.354(TE), T6.354.1(TH), T6.354.4(TU), TC6.354.1(TT)