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QuikStem Push-In Tire Valve, Long for .453" Stem, 2 pack
QuikStem Push-In Tire Valve, Long for .453" Stem, 2 pack

QuikStem Push-In Tire Valve, Long for .453" Stem, 2 pack

MSRP: $34.95
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Part Number: 211701
Brand: QuikStem
Manufacturer Part No: QS430
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Product Details & Specifications
QuickStem Push In Tire Valve Stem is designed to quickly replace torn, damaged or leaking tire stems. Just push in, tighten the nut and inflate. No need to break the bead or remove the tire from the rim. When you insert the QuikStem into a rim and tighten down the nut, the rubber grommet expands to more than a third of the size of the rim hole creating a seal.

  • Remove or drive in old valve stem
  • Push QuikStem into hole
  • Tighten nut firmly snug
  • Fill tire with air
  • For .453" stem hole
  • Not recommended for on-highway vehicles
  • 2 pack
QuikStem Emergency Replacement Tire Valve Stem is your 60 second solution to replacing a broken or leaking tire valve stem from the outside of the tire without breaking the bead.  It is heavy duty, robust, brutally tested, and built for tough use so you can operate your equipment with confidence.

Manufactured by Haltec Corporation, the two inch push in QuikStem Emergency Replacement Tire Valve Stem installs from the outside of the wheel, without breaking the bead. It reduces down time and high repair costs, allowing you and your equipment to get back in service fast.