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Redline Emissions Products manufacturers most of its product line in-house, built with rigid quality control measures that meet or exceed OE standards. All supplied products go through a rigid QC process, hand inspected by experienced technicians for defects, broken parts, inconsistencies. All medium and heavy duty DPF boxes go through a multistep hand inspection process using proprietary methods, including weighing and flow testing each unit. Each DPF Born on Weight is stamped on the ID tag and is compatible with FSX equipment readings and includes OEM cross information.

Bungs & Fittings
Redline Emission Products Weld Bungs & Fittings
CAC, Charge Air Cooler Hoses
Redline Emission Products Charge Air Cooler Hoses
Clamp & Gasket Kits
Redline Emission Products Clamp & Gasket Kits
Redline Emission Products Clamps
DEF Filters
Redline Emission Products DEF Filters
DOC, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
Redline Emission Products DOC, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
DPF, Diesel Particulate Filters
Redline Emission Products DPF, Diesel Particulate Filters
Redline Emission Products Gaskets
Redline Emission Products Sensors
All Redline Emissions Products are sold individually in premium packaging that protects against damage, reduces waste, and cuts down on lost inventory and missing part components. All packages are labeled with OEM manufacturer name and related cross reference numbers for easy identification. You know you are getting the right match with the right fit!