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UEM Pistons

United Engine & Machine Company produces cast and forged pistons in a variety of aluminum alloys that will meet and exceed the requirements of todays internal combustion engines. UEM pistons are marked under the ICON, KB Performance, Claimer, Silv-O-Lite brand names. Through the years United Engine & Machine Company has been a leader in piston manufacturing and strives to produce the finest quality pistons for your application. 
Dualoy Pistons
Dualoy Diesel pistons are available for most popular diesel light and medium-duty truck applications, and engines. Dualoy pistons contain high strength top ring land carriers for improved strength and are resistant to the extreme heat of diesel engines.
Icon Pistons
ICON forgings are created at our in-house facility, utilizing the latest innovations in piston forging technology. Each ICON piston is purpose built from the ground up for extreme high-performance street or racing applications.
KB Performance Pistons
Created from a high-silicon aluminum alloy, KB Performance pistons are lightweight to improve throttle response and RPM changes while still being strong enough to withstand high compression and high temperatures.
Silvolite Pistons
For 100 years Silv-o-lite has produced high quality OE replacement pistons for engine rebuilding. UEM continues to manufacture exceptionally broad application coverage with all the latest State of the Art features in the Silv-o-lite brand.